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law firm is a full-service law office focused on Intellectual Property and IT Law with complimentary Commercial, Corporate, and Banking Law support.

It was founded by Ilija Jankovic, B.Sc.E.E., BSL, Attorney at Law and registered Patent & Trademark Attorney with significant experience in a well-established IP law firm with an international profile. His intent was to put his capabilities into use in serving a new generation of clients having different styles and needs in these fast-evolving sectors. Our goal is to keep up the pace with the ever-changing legal landscape and always be one step ahead for our clients.

Our team of associates aspires to cover each area of the law with individual expertise, so we could provide in-depth knowledge of the relevant field, while as a team, we still maintain a broad overview of the legal landscape.

Having a technical background, we understand clients' need for an advice to be delivered in a direct, no-nonsense manner and we pride ourselves in offering just that. We strive to be concise and on point, while still offering a comprehensive overview of the legal problem, potential risks and obstacles, and the best course of action.

“Each day we go to our work in the hope of discovering,—in the hope that someone, no matter who, may find a solution of one of the pending great problems,—and each succeeding day we return to our task with renewed ardor." - Nikola Tesla

Our services

Our international profile enables us to help protect our foreign client's rights in Eastern Europe and the post-Soviet states through a network of affiliated offices.
On the other hand, having established cooperation with offices throughout the world, we can offer our domestic clients legal support in any jurisdiction abroad.

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